Uganda safaris, trips and adventure holidays to include, gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzees tracking trips, Africa wildlife Holidays , cultural safaris and adventure holidays.  Uganda has a great number of holidays and adventures to offer, however it is always good to have or even know a little bit about a place or country  before you travel.

Uganda also known as the home of half of the remaining gorillas, home to the source of the mighty River Nile and home to the most welcoming people and best English speaking people in the world and Africa respectively.”

Uganda also referred to as the pearl of Africa, is one of the best countries for safaris in East Africa. Our complete Uganda Safaris will take you to see the Big Five animals, plus the Mountain Gorillas and also to meet people with different cultures, there surrounding sights and sounds. Uganda Tours are always diverse with plenty of wildlife, limited congestion in the wildlife parks, plenty of communities with over 30 different tribes to meet and not forgetting these people are the most welcoming people in the world.

AA Safaris and Tours organize Uganda safari holidays that range between 1 days to as many as 30 days taking you to traverse all corners of the Country. These range from the northern sector of the Karamojong people near Kidepo National Park to the south western sector of the Batwa people who used to live in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Why Visit Uganda

Most tourists travel to Uganda majorly for gorilla safaris however the country has so much more to offer that whenever you decide to do a Uganda safari you get to visit a different site.  Thus in this paragraph we give you reasons as to why you should visit Uganda. The country has over 10 National parks and wildlife reserves, with plenty of animals. Uganda is also home to over 10 different species of Primates mostly found in kibale national park. If you are a bird lover, a tour or holiday around Uganda will offer you an opportunity to see over 1000 different bird species.  This makes the Uganda Africa’s premier birding destination with the capacity of spotting over 200 different bird species spotted in a Day.  Uganda is also home to the world’s second largest fresh water body lake Victoria and home to the Source of the Second Longest River in the world- the river nile.  Adventure activities, like Rafting, boat cruise and bungee jumping are possible along the mighty river Nile.  Uganda is also a home to a number of wetlands like the Kafred Bigodi wetlands which are homes to plenty of primates and birds including the Shoe bill Stock.  Lastly but not least, Uganda is home to over 30 different tribes and cultures of which some are still indigenous making a Uganda cultural safari worth it.

Our Uganda gorilla safaris and wildlife tours are organized in 4 x 4 safari land cruisers, vans and coaster buses depending on the number of people.  The holidays and trips are guided by experienced english speaking guides who are well conversant with Uganda as a country.    They are well versed with information about the history of the country, national parks, wildlife reserves, tribes and communities and also the different routes. Therefore they ensure that your trip is informative providing information, about wildlife, politics, history and the current state of Uganda as a country.   Thus making your adventure uganda safari informative and  memorable.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Uganda safaris and holidays;

Best Time to Visit Uganda and see gorillas.

A gorilla safari holiday in Uganda is possible anytime of the year. However most travelers prefer traveling during europe’s summer which is June to September when Uganda is drier. Although the temperature in Uganda during this time is not as hot and dry as in Europe or Americas. The temperatures range between 24 degrees centigrade to 30 degrees centigrade.  Whereas even the wet months of March to May and October to November we receive showers of rain, it does not rain for the whole day. It usually rains for a couple of hours and stops. Please note that a Gorilla trekking safari is possible even during the rainy season. The Rains do not stop any activity from taking place hence the reason why we always advise you to carry a Rain Coat. Also with the ongoing climatic changes in the world, do not be surprised to see it rain even during the months considered to be the driest in Uganda.

What Kind of Accommodation Is Available in Uganda?

Uganda is a diverse country catering for all ranges of people from budget travelers to High end travelers. We have all type of accommodations, ranging from boutique hotels to 5 star lodges. On all our Uganda safaris we take you to stay in the best of all ranges of accommodations that is budget, moderate and high end.  It is always recommended to at-least stay in moderate accommodations for your comfort, however to be assured of staying in a particular hotel or facility you have to book your Uganda safari months in advance.

List of Items to Carry for your Uganda Safari.

Before you travel to Uganda for a gorilla safari or wildlife safari, or tour or even an adventure trip you need to pack a few things that are tailored to what you will be doing while on Holiday. However some of the general items you should carry for your safari are, a water proof backpack for your water and personal items, a Rain Coat, walking shoes, T-shirts and shorts, Long trouser for ladies hiking, a hat and sunglasses, a warm cardigan and other personal items.

How long in Advance should I book My Uganda Safari Holiday.

A safari that does not require gorilla Trekking permits can be booked a couple of days to the start date. However if you are doing a gorilla safari, we recommend that you book your trip months in advance in order to secure your gorilla permits.  June  to September are peak months and therefore for those interested in traveling these months we recommend you book your trip 6 months in advance.

How to Obtain a Uganda Tourists Visa.

Before you travel to Uganda for a safari, holiday, Tour or business you need a Visa. Uganda visas can be obtained from consulates that are closer to you or any Uganda Embassy in your country.  If you do not have a consulate closer to you then you can apply for the Uganda Visa online before coming to Uganda. To obtain a Visa you require a yellow fever certificate which should be scanned and uploaded to the online application. Once all is done, you will receive an approval letter which you will present at the point of Entry before they issue you with a Visa.  A Uganda tourists visa costs USD 50 per person and allows to stay for as long as 3 months- on single entry. Uganda has recently started receiving Visa payments online, such that on arrival you do not have to wait in lines to make payments for the Visa that was prior applied for Online.

Are there any Health Requirements for traveling to Uganda.

It is advisable to speak to a physician before you travel to Uganda. In this cases you will be advised on the anti-malaria’s to take  and also it is advisable to obtain yellow fever vaccination as it is mandatory now days to enter Uganda.

Travel Insurance is mandatory and can be obtained in your own country or we can help you with that if you need our help.

Tipping in Uganda

In Uganda tipping is not mandatory as it is considered a token of appreciation. However in most cases we do appreciate the services of the guide and we wonder about the least amount to tip. Below we have provided you with a guide line on how to tip while on Uganda safari.

Guide/Drive USD 10 per day per couple / person

Park rangers USD 20 per day per couple / person

Gorilla tracking Park rangers USD 50 per couple.

Waitress at Hotels USD 10

Pilot if using Charter Flight USD 50

Please note that the above is just the minimum that you can tip a person, however you can tip more than the mentioned fees depending on how appreciative you are.

Is tap water safe to drink in Uganda?.

Unfortunately tap water in Uganda is not safe to drink and therefore in this case we recommend that you drink bottled water or you can boil your own tap water to 100 degrees and then it will be safe to drink.

Can I use credit cards in Uganda?

In Uganda credit cards are not widely used, however you can use them at some of the banks and also some of the Hotels in The Capital City Kampala. If you are traveling up country on a safari or Tour. We recommend that you draw cash from Banks in Kampala before you travel.

Those are some of the commonly asked questions, however if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to send us an email.

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