This safari is especially for safari lovers, this takes u to see wildlife in Murchison falls national Park. A must experience during a visit to Murchison national park is a 11 kilometer boat trip of great creatures and giant tamarind trees to the foot of the falls. The park is the largest of all parks in Uganda (about and it is in the heart of the country. It offers some of the spectacular scenery not found any where in Uganda. While there be sure to participate in the launch/boat cruise on the Victoria Nile, see the great enthralling game including the crocodiles, Buffalo, hippos, leopards, giraffes, lions and many antelopes.

murchison falls uganda safari


At Entebbe airport/or bus station and transfer to your hotel. If the time for arrival is before 16:00 hours local time and you are not exhausted, AA Safaris and Tours Ltd  will take you to visit the Uganda wild life education center.

Day 1 Murchison Falls National Park Uganda
After breakfast early in the morning, depart for Murchison fall national park via the beautiful undulating green scenery through Masindi town to the park. En route stop for a picnic lunch, take a ferry to Paraa a luxury lodge overlooking Nile River and enjoy the comfort the park has to offer.

Day 2
early in the morning participate in the game drive in the Nyamsika plateau. Look out for lion buffalo s, giraffes, and elephants and the antelope class. After lunch proceed for a launch cruise on the Victoria Nile up stream to the base of the falls. Uganda Safari While cruising expect to view the hippos, crocodiles, water buck, and a variety of bird species like the shoebill stock one of the most rear birds in the world. The boat stops just a stone throw to the “Devil’s Cauldron” which is a fantastic place to view the majestic Murchison falls.

Day 3
After an early break fast, go to the top of the falls where the Nile’s beauty is in perfection, it is here where the Nile squeezes and bursts majestically through a 7metre gorge to an awesome 45metre plunge producing a thunderous roar forming a rainbow and a plume of spray. The beautiful thing that has ever happened to the Nile.

After a picnic lunch depart for Kampala, arriving late in the evening and relax at your hotel. Carry with you binoculars and a camera with a zoom lens if you wish. This will be very useful for you the tourist.


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