Primate Safaris

Discover the forest and its magical creatures
to see the gorillas, golden monkeys, and chimpanzees


Wildlife Safaris

Do the game views and see some of
the unique species which include giraffes, zebras etc


Explore Nature

Visit the most fascinating places
which include waterfalls, hot springs etc


AA Safaris & Tours

Safaris & Adventure Holidays In Uganda

We Organizes tailor -made safaris & tours to East Africa to include Uganda Safaris, gorilla safaris, Kenya Safaris, sightseeing tours, adventure Holidays, mountain trekking, Rwanda gorilla tours, wildlife holidays and safaris, and cultural tours to various destinations in Uganda and east Africa. Our packages in East Africa range from 1 days tours and excursions to as many as 30 days. We also arrange combined African countries safaris that may include the Uganda and Rwanda tour combination , Rwanda and Tanzania , Uganda , Kenya and Rwanda and Tanzania combination among others. We carefully plan for you and your loved ones a perfect safari that suits your taste and preferences. You may want to track and see the mountain gorillas, or Hike the mountains, visit the different parks or take on an adventure sport. Its all up to how much fun you would want to have and the time length of course!

Gorilla Trekking Tours & Primate Safaris

Our guided safari holidays are designed to suit your budget as our prices range cater to the big spender and a budget traveler. With also that ability to prepare different occasion safaris like honeymoons etc. Gorilla trekking is one of the highlights that you must do before you leave Africa. However, both Uganda and Rwanda have more to offer in terms of wildlife and also culture. How will you feel when you are told that once upon a time , there lived the Mountain gorillas of Uganda??? and Rwanda when you just reluctantly never visited them because you always postponed your time to Visit? Be sure of the different unique primates that you will encounter in each forest trek. Contact us about your safari holiday and we will tailor your itinerary accordingly. We will advise you about the best time to visit Uganda or Rwanda or Kenya and Tanzania and also the best time place to see gorillas in bwindi




Popular Gorilla & Chimp Trekking Tours

3 Days Bwindi Forest Trekking Safari In Uganda

Visit the most striking primates of Uganda for a unbelievable safari experiences with the great
gorillas In the magical bwindi forest

5 Days Combined Gorilla Tracking Safari

Explore the Bwindi & Volcanoes Forests & Mountains in a hike to see the endangered Gorillas & many other exciting primates for a fascinating time

7 Days Chimpanzee & Gorilla Trekking Safari

Take time and see the endangered primates of Uganda in Gorilla & Chimp Trekking or Gorilla & Chimp Habitaution for eternal memories

19 Days Uganda Primates Watching Safari

Discover the many uinque primates of Uganda by visiting the different primate attractions like Kyambura gorge for a fantastic time

Popular Uganda Safaris & Tours

1 Day Kampala – Jinja City Tour

Visit and see the different famous attractions in Kampala & play in jinja as you do funniest activities for best experience

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2 Days White Water Rafting Safari

Enjoy the best of River Nile with the famous adrenaline activity known as water rafting as well as ziplining & quad biking for greatness

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3 Days Lake Mburo Vacation Uganda

Have the greatest vacation ever in the lake Mburo wilderness which will introduce you to the wildlife animals & adventures activities

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3 Days Mount Elgon Trekking Safari

Hike the Great Mount Elgon which holds some of the best views and acts as habitat for great culture which makes it the best safari

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5 Days Kidepo Wild & Cultural Safari

Visit and see the great kidepo valley which keeps all the different wildlife animals & Cultures to encounter for an amazing time

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8 Days Sightseeing In Safari Uganda

Have a gaze at the dazzling Wildlife animals & primates of Uganda in the best national parks for a great experience

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10 Days Wildlife Game Viewing Safari

Explore the wild as you take game drives to see and nature walks for a more fabulous experience of your life

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11 Days Rwenzori Hiking Safari

Hike the tallest snow-capped mountain and reach its peak for a beautiful feeling and memorable views of your life

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Top Uganda National Parks

Bwindi Forest National Park

Murchison Falls National Park

Kibale Forest National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Semuliki Springs National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

Mgahinga Forest National Park

Mount Rwenzori National Park

What We Do?

We take you to Uganda national parks , Kenya Parks, Rwanda and Tanzania. Visit our Travel section for important tourist information that can help you plan for your holidays in style. The data covers flights to Africa, travel maps, hotel and safari lodges to stay in on a Uganda, Rwanda, or Kenya Safari, Visa requirements for East African tourists, how to get your travel insurance, what to pack for your Uganda and Rwanda Safaris and tours and so much more. Google+


Popular Rwanda Safaris & Tours

3 Days Volcanoes Rwanda Gorilla

Visit the famous gorilla area in Rwanda and see many more primates that will provide ecstasy experiences for a long time

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7 Days Chimpanzees In Nyungwe Rwanda

Discover the fascinating chimps of Rwanda which will be seen on a canopy Walk for the most adventurous moments

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6 Days Akagera Wild & Primates Rwanda

Discover the best of Rwanda as you visit the top national parks that keep wild animals & Primates for unforgettable times

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14 Days Grand Kigali & Wild Tour

Have a dazzling time visiting the different attractions in Kigali which include museums etc for the thrilling time

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Top Rwanda National Parks

Volcanoes Gorilla National Park

Akagera Wildlife National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Gishwati Mukura National Park

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