Uganda offers some of the last truly wild game parks in Africa, where visitors can enjoy the scenery and wildlife almost without interruption.Game stocks are on the increase thanks to careful and strict conservation measures by the Ugandan Wildlife Authorities – Uganda safari Visitors can expect to see Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Buffalo, Giant Forest hog, Hippopotamus, Lion, Leopard, Uganda Kob, Water-buck, Kongoni and an extensive variety of antelope to name just a few!

Forest walk

Uganda is renounced for its abundant bird life and many rare species can be found in the parks and forests throughout Uganda.

Bwindi National Park
Murchison Falls National Park, Wildlife Safaris
Queen Elizabeth National i Park
Kibale Forest Primates Safari Park
Rwenzori Mountain Climbing Hiking Tour
Mount Elgon National Park
Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
Kidepo Park, Wildlife Safari
Lake Mburo National Park
Semuliki National Park

There are two major Game Parks, which are the primary places of interest to visitors, however Uganda offers may smaller parks and reserves, bird sanctuaries and fauna reserves.The abundance and rich variety of wildlife in our Parks, will, we are certain, provide you with the diversity and excitement of any African Game Safari.

To help plan your trip to Uganda, we offer an updated information sheet on each of the National Parks and surrounding areas, reserves and areas of interest you may possibly wish to visit during your trip, detailing the species of bird and wildlife to be seen, together with information on accommodation options and activities unique to the park.

Please let us know by e.mail if you would like to receive copies of this information and we will be happy to send it to you to read through at your leisure !Because we believe that the success of your trip is to ensure that you target areas within Uganda that are of particular interest to you, we offer “Set” Itineraries and “Budget Group Packages” for you to join in on.We also offer you the opportunity to tell us your personal interests, your budget and your time available to spend with us, and then we will tailor make your Safari around this information

Please note that we also provide tailor made safaris and tours or expeditions to Africa involving cruises, visiting primates, sightseeing tours, adventure trails , mount trekking and trips to various safari journeys in Africa.
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