Akagera-hipposRiver Akagera is among the most renowned river in Rwanda as well as Lake Victoria’s largest tributary pouring nearly 34% of the lake’s water. The river basin of Akagera covers approximately 60,500 Sq km of land cross four different countries including 21,630 square kilometers in Rwanda, 13,790 Square kilometers in Burundi, 20,680 square kilometers of Tanzania and 4,400Sqaure Kilometers of Uganda which is the smallest.

Close to this River is the renowned Akagera National Park which is among the best tourist destinations for Rwanda safaris that offer safari goers en opportunity to not only see the wildlife but even explore River Akegare that is shared by the some countries close to Rwanda.

Akagera national park encompasses 4 hydro-geographical zones which include the Congo-Nile divide plus the beautiful Hills plus mountain base ridges that characterize majority of the areas across Rwanda, The Swamps which are habitat for various types of birds plus wild animals of the Akagera national park are as well part of this beautiful river. River Akagera is worth visiting by any holidaymaker interested in Rwanda wildlife safaris in the Akagera national park.

The river basin of Akagera is a sub-basin of the well-known Nile basin and actually this river starts in the swamps nearby and the lake-terrain zone. Largely, River Akagera is supplied with three main tributaries: the Akanyaru River, Nyabarongo River and Ruvubu River. The papyrus swamps which covers most of this area are habitat to various types of birds, wildlife, also serves as a source of water to the wildlife living within the national park. This swamp area which is greatly endowed offer holidaymakers bird particularly bird lovers visiting Akagera national park an opportunity to enjoy views of the various bird species living in the area.

Most of the swamps around river Akagera are covered by different species of papyrus and Phoenix reclinata but worth noting is that this swamp area is a permanent home for the uncommon Shoe-bill bird listed among the threatened to extinction species across Rwanda. You will also find a variety of other water birds, hippopotami, buffaloes, impalas, giraffes and the Sitatunga.

In addition, The Akagera wetlands are a destination for different migratory water birds which this makes this among the best bird watching areas across Rwanda the land of a thousand hills during your safaris in Rwanda.

other than being a tourist attraction that draws in several safaris to Rwanda, the swampland around river Akagera are of great importance to the communities living nearby, as they serve as a source of water to the locals used for domestic use, feeding their animals, they also act as fishing grounds, and also farming ground where the locals grow rice, various raw materials used to make handcrafts, plus building materials such as grass for livestock are all extracted from the wetlands.
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