Kampala city 2015

On the first day, you can always have a city tour in Kampala or in Jinja. City tour involves visiting different places in Kampala or in Jinja for instance;

If it’s a Kampala city Tour

You get a little information about Kampala, the capital city and originally called the city of seven hills though today they are more than that. Your guide will take around to visit places like ;

* The Uganda Museum on Kira road.

* Parliamentary Buildings.

* Art Galleries and markets like African village along Buganda road

* Uganda Martyrs Shrine or the Kasubi tombs which is the burial ground for the royals in the Buganda kingdom.

* Bahai Temple.

* Owino and Nakasero Markets.

* Makerere University, among others

You could also visit the African villages where they sell lots of African craft work, you might get a souvenir from their too and at the end of the day you will be driven to your hotel where you will have your dinner and sleep as you wait for your trip the next day. Kampala city tour will cost you US $50 per person terms and conditions apply.  You can opt to take a walk through Kampala, go visit the markets on foot , taste some of the fruits

Alternatively, you go for a 1 day Jinja city Tour.

If not a Kampala city tour, then you can go to Jinja which is towards the eastern direction of the country. This was the first capital city of Uganda and still known for having the source of the Nile at the famous Rippon Falls and the Owen Falls dam from where all the electricity that is supplied across the entire country and countries in the neighborhood is generated.

You will drive along the Kampala-Jinja road highway and you may stop if you are interested at the sugar cane plantations at Lugazi as well as Kakira, at Mabira Forest which is the biggest natural forest left and you go can go inside for a nature walk and if you do, expect to see monkeys, birds and tree species, there also different accommodation facilities inside there since so many tourists are interested in visiting this forest. You will proceed to Jinja to source of the Nile and the Owen falls dam, you will have you lunch and then go to Bujagali falls to see swimmers dive under those high tides and listen to the rushing sound before you come back to Kampala in the evening. This trip will just like the other cost you US $50 T&C apply.

You will engage in activities like

Water Rafting

White water rafting is along the source of the river Nile which has to be booked earlier and every body that is above 16 years is free to enjoy. Given the fact that most of the people from different parts of the world have never rafted, you will have a well trained guide to help you navigate which means that all training and equipment is provided on the day. You will only need the costume made life jackets so that you feel safe and comfort. Later on after rafting, you will have a great buffet lunch on a beautiful mid-river island, much beer, soda and water or any thing else that you may want.

The exercise for this day also costs $125  per person for a full day.

Another activity may be

Bungee Jumping.

The Nile High Bungee is a remarkable bungee jumps in the World! The thrill seekers prepare to jump 44 meters directly down into the source of the Nile. This Nile High Bungee was set up using world-leading innovation to make the jump a state of the art personal challenge experience.


You can go visit the Bujagali falls. The waves and the falls are really beautiful and the entertainment from the diver is awesome especially since they hang on Jerry cans and come out safe. You can have lunch there as well. Or Visit Ssezibwa falls