Bigodi wetland sanctuary is one of the many amazing wetlands to visit in Uganda. It is found within  Magombe swamp along the Kibale national park boundaries and it is under the management of  Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental development.  Bigodi wetland is blessed with a great deal of bio-diversity which includes a number of primate species that wonder off from the forest into the wetland. There is also plenty

Nature walk in Bigodiof vegetation and several bird species.   The Bigodi walk is usually done as an additional activity to the chimpanzee trek in Kibale national park.

Today, Bigodi wetland is still the best example of a very well communally managed natural resource with a really a great economic importance serving both the community around and for tourism business.

What to expect from Bigodi wetland.

Birds of Bigodi wetland

This is a great spot for birding and it is also known home of the great blue Turaco.  In this wetland, there are over 138 different bird species that you can spot on a bird watching trip.  It has also been recorded that there are over 50 new species have relocated from different areas to this swamp. There are seasonal birds too and during your birding adventure, you may be able to see more than 200 sBigodi wetlandpecies flying around the wetland most especially the common great blue Turaco.  Your guide will help you identify and name as many birds as possible as you walk along the trail. You can expect birds like the; papyrus gonoleks, the brown-throated wattle-eye, there are lots of kingfishers, the flycatchers, several Superb sunbird,
Black-crowned waxbill, the White breasted negro finch, Black bishop, western nicator, there are yellow-spotted bardet and white-spotted fluff tail as well as weaverbirds, among others. If  you are a bird lover or specialists , you should request for a bird specialists guide for your trip because not all guides know birds.  Bird watching safari guides as expensive, but worthy every penny.

Primates roaming around

A number of  primates wonder from the main forest into the wetland so you can get to see some of them like;  the  black and white colobus monkeys, the red colobus monkeys, there are vervet monkeys and also the red tailed monkeys,  the mangabey, the  L’Hoest,  baboons  and many more others.  The chimpanzees also wander off into the Bigodi wetland and if you are lucky may catch a glimpse of them while walking Bigodi wetland.  You will also find other species of mammals like mongooses, the bushbucks, there are bush pigs, the wildcats and this is one of the places where you will find the sitatungas, among other attractions.  This will be a very rewarding walk with a lot to see and learn.

The Bigodi wetland walk costs $20 per person per session and all this money charged is given back to the community through providing services like the schools, there are women support groups through which they generate income and other kinds of social support groups.

Hotels close to Bigodi wetland

Given the fact that this wetland is located along the border of Kibale forest, you can always use the same facility used after of before the chimpanzee trek in Kibale national park. This includes hotels like luxury kyaninga lodge or primate lodge, Ndali Lodge, there is chimps nest for the budget travelers, crater lodge for the mid range travelers and many more others.  .

Bigodi swamp walk is done in two sessions which means, there is the morning and the afternoon session so depending on your itinerary, there is always a guide available to walk with you.