The world is in great danger of loosing out the only left over mountain gorillas. At the moment these apes can only be found in small portions of conserved forests in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), southwestern Uganda, and northwestern Rwanda. In there territory, these gentle, brown eyed gorillas share a home with the other apes like the monkeys, other wild creatures like many amazing birds, primates, large mammals, reptiles, insects and plants. The mountain gorillas are divided into two populations.

Mountain Gorilla safaris Itineraries

– 3 day Gorilla Trekking Safari Bwindi

– 5 days Gorilla Tracking and Wildlife

-7 days, Chimpanzee and Gorilla Tour

– 9 days Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris

– 14 days, Uganda and Rwanda

More and more apes are expected to be added to the present number because of the tight conservation methods that have been applied in all the areas where these apes stay. The low numbers of these apes are attributed to the long gestation period of 257 days that these animals take then about 3 years of nurturing the young ones.

Uganda is blessed to be having the greatest number of these gorillas. Approximately 320 is found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda, occupying an area of 330 km², and the additional 386 in the Virunga Volcano Range (covering 3 National Parks in 3 countries: Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in the Congo (DRC).

Before you start the tiring but exciting expedition, you get a briefing from the guide. Carrying your packed lunch and the tracking gears with you, you walk into the forest to look for the gentle eyed gorillas. You are required to be patient since you don’t know how long you will take before you meet these fantastic creatures. When you meet them, you are excited but you are required to keep silent, use cameras without a flash light and also spend only 1 hour with them.

I case you have heavy baggage you can hire a potter to carry these for you at a small fee of approximately 5 to 10 dollar.


This is a trip that you cannot afford to miss. It is a dream come true trip which you must do before you become aged.