Mbarara-Masaka highway, about 270km’s from the capital city of Uganda -Kampala-. This place is known for its well stocked cultural museum with traditional materials from the different cultures across the country. Apart from the cultural centre, there is a country offering accommodation, there are restaurant therefore it’s a great stop over for lunch or an overnight if you are traveling along that route. Both the hotel and meal prices are somewhat friendly just so as to attract as many visitors including those out there for leisure.

The Igongo cultural centre and the Museum

The Cultural Center and Museum are some of the many that this offers to its visitors. There are various cultures exhibited but most of what is at the display are stuff from the Western Uganda cultures. This Cultural Center is one of the few places you can visit to get or simply see many of the cultural/ traditional stuffs as you come from or head to the Western part of Uganda. From the museum, you will be able to discover a number of things you may not know about the Cultures, the different traditions and the history of the people from western Uganda.

Both the local and the foreign tourists driving to or from national parks like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Queen Elizabeth and also Mgahinga Gorilla Park can always make a stop and check out the museum, you might want to buy a souvenir for yourself from the craft shop to remind of the trip you have had. Igongo museum is currently the biggest museum in Uganda that is privately owned.

You can also have a meal or even spend a night at the site.

Cultural meals at Igongo

Traditional meals at the restaurants and accommodation facility/hotel

The Igongo cultural centre offers more than the cultural stuff but also meals. The local and international meals are always prepared because many people make stop over this place to have lunch before they continue with their journeys either towards Kampala or the places in western side of Uganda. Meals are served from within the 2 restaurants that they have or outside in the beautiful gardens filled with flowers and lots of other plants which help to reflect the real countryside.

The traditional dishes prepared include the matooke, they have millet products like the millet bread, the local drinks that are made out of millet and sorghum, among other dishes which are all served by very friendly and welcoming staff. All the ingredients used in the cooking are got the local farmers around the area which means they are very organic grown and in that sense help the local gain an income that they need and their families. The restaurant gives you a taste of the freshest vegetables and all ingredients as they are picked from the gardens the day before they are prepared.

Stay back and enjoy the local steak for those that are not vegetarian and the meat comes from those Ankole cows that have really low fats and less cholesterol therefore are not a health hazard to anyone. This kind of meat is a very good protein source and it’s very tasty also.

The hotel

This is more than just a simply restaurant, there is a country hotel where you can spend a night. It is an ideal stop-over for those from or to the western parts of Uganda and so this means you can have both the meals and the accommodation.  This Igongo country Hotel does meet all the guests’ needs, there is an ample parking space and variety of rooms which you can choose from for example there are cottages, the suite rooms, and the executive rooms as well as the standard ones. If you choose to stay for a night, you will be amazed by how tastefully the hotel is furnished, the bathroom and their beds are very clean, big enough and comfortable.

This is more like a 5 star hotel and has about 52 rooms and each room has a flat-screen TV, some of the have a seating area provide for you to relax, every room has a kettle, all rooms have en-suite private bathrooms, bathrobes and also slippers. There are also conference facilities for the business travelers but can also used for different functions like wedding and any other kind of party.

What to do around Igongo Cultural centre

Village walk

There are also other activities that you may get involved in if you have some time to spend. This is very suitable for those that are spending the night and these include going out for a village tour which involves a little bit of hiking and you will be able to see the different plants and tree species together with their different medicinal value.

Cultural entertainment

Sometimes, there are traditional dances that entertain visitors and you can expect to have a lot of fun watching the local traditional dancers thus making your stay worthwhile.
Igongo cultural centre
Check out the eclipse monument

There is also the eclipse monument of 1520 which is located on the famous and amazing Biharwe hill and while there, you may be served cocktails and the sundowners will find the place perfect to spend an evening.

Igongo Cultural Center is a lot more than just some beautiful place where you can grab a meal and drive away but also a really great cultural site with offering you an amazing experience.

For those visiting Bwindi national park the home of the gorillas, this is a recommended stop over for meals and a break from the long drive.