Mgahinga National Park

Amongst the national parks of Uganda, this park sits on the smallest piece of land in Uganda with its 38 sq. km and situated in the fur southwest part of Uganda bordering with Virunga National Park in Congo and Park des Volcanoes in Rwanda. The park comprises of parts of three extinct volcanic mountains: Mt Muhavura (4127m), Mt. Gahinga (3474m) and Mt. Sabinyo (3669m) are an attraction to the hikers. The park also acts as an attraction because it inhabits a diversity of mammals in the forest like 2 juveniles and infants the great primate including 3 adult females and 2 silverbacks. Other bushbucks, mammals include buffaloes, elephants, golden monkeys, giant forest hog, a number of small rodents and small predators.180 species of birds are found here especially the Rwenzori Turaco and the Red Tufted Malachite Sunbird and crowned crane.

What can be done at the Mgahinga National Park

mgahinga park safari

•Gorilla trekking.

This activity is tiring but unforgettable because of the out comes of the expedition. Walking through the evergreen vegetation searching for the great left over Gorillas is a rewarding activity. However this is done on condition that the Gorillas are available at the park.

Volcanic Mountaineering

Mountaineering is another activity that one is not supposed to miss while at the park. It provides you with the chance to exercise your bones as you go up the 3 extinct volcanoes. Mt. Gahinga (3474 m) acquired its name from the small piles of stones spotted in the fields called “Gahinga”. On the 6 hours round trip hikers will go through pure Bamboo forests. Mt. Sabinyo (3669 m) provides 3 challenging peaks to climb. For one to succeed in this adventure, there are about 8 hours of struggling to arrive at the end point of 14km. Mt. Muhavura (4127 m) this peak is the best place for viewing the greatest part of the country. You may utilize about 8hrs to cover up 12km.

Additional activities include the guided nature walk to the Garama cave which is approximately 342m long and 14 deep and is at the currently filled up by a colony of bats. Sabinyo Gorge trail is of very relevant to the bird watchers however you are likely to spend half a day moving through the bamboo forests. An additional trail takes you to the Rugezi Swamp where there is a possibility of seeing birds, elephants and the giant forest hog
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