This is one of the oldest parks that Kenya has. It occupies an area of 11747 sq km in the Eastern part. Then in the west it occupies an area of 9,065 sq km. The park is 300km from Nairobi.

This park holds a famous position in the world with a stunning landscape that is next to the coast. This makes is one of the popular safari destinations. This park is recognized as one of the world’s most important biodiversity strongholds. Bushy and open plains alternate with savannah and semiarid acacia scrub and woodlands. Green swathes cross the park where the riverbanks give rise to lush vegetation.

Tsavo is recommended for photographers with fabulous light and unbelievable views, in particular the Mudanda Rock and Yatta plateau, the world’s largest Lava flow. Tsavo west has important historic connections as a most important battleground in World War 1 where brutish and German troops battled for supremacy these two parks are easy to reach along the Nairobi- Mombasa road or by plane to one of the many airstrips.

The park has several lodges, a number of tented camps, public campsites and three self help KWS bandas.