This park is at an altitude of 1000ft. It occupies an area of 870sq km with a distance of 348 km. This park sits on an area of 870 sq km. this park is wild and very beautiful. On both sides of the equator and crossed by 3 rivers and numerous mountains, to wide open plains with wandering river banks dotted with doum palms.

In 1980s, the park suffered from poaching but the Kenya wildlife society armed with wildlife security patrols have driven out the poachers and the elephant population has stabilized with breeding herds settling down. There are beyond 300 species of birds plus the Peter’s fin foot, which in habits the Murera and Ura Rivers.

On the boarder of Meru is Bisanadi National reserve and Koru National Park. It was in Koru that George Adamson lived up to when he died.

This park is also famous as the setting for Joy Adamson’ book born Free- story of the Adamson ’s life and research among lion and cheetah.

Elsa’s Kopje numerous campsites and KWS self help bandas.