This park is situated 157km from Nairobi town. It occupies an area of 188 sq km with an altitude of 4000ft. L. Nakuru N.P  is famously know for its unique pink appearance as a result of the beautiful flocks of the lesser flamingos that have pink beaks. Its bird life excites a great number of people through out the world.

Because of this stunning appearance, it is a beacon for leading ornithologists, scientists and wildlife filmmakers. This park also has an attractive range of wooded and bush grass land to escarpment and ridges, providing a wide ecological diversity.

The park contains wild animals like the leopards, lions, black rhinos, colobus monkeys and so many others that survive in the forest. On the other hand the bush land provides residence to the eland, Steinbeck, impala, and dik dik. The cliffs and escarpment give shelter to rocky hyrax and klipspringer.

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