Nairobi National park is located 7km from Nairobi town. It occupies an area of about 117sqkm. It was taken up as a national Park in 1946 which was a year after the Second World War.

This park holds a very unique position in the world as the only park in the world which neighbors a city. This park is a home to 100 species of mammals. It borders the traditional south Kapiti plain and Kitengela migration corridor and attracts a range of exhilarating game. This park is seasonal however most of the game like Kenya’s indigenous black Rhino lives in the protection of the park all year around. This was Kenya’s ever national park and is the site of pres Daniel Arap Moi’s dramatic ivory bonfire, when in 1989 he torched 10 tons of ivory in a bid to eliminate the mass slaughter of Africa’s elephants.

The park has more attractions closer to it and one needs to take a tour there to find out more about these.

The park has no accommodation with in it but however there is a provision for superb accommodation from Nairobi town.