Please remember that you will need to have with you: A torch with two sets of spare batteries, Water bottles, rucksack – large enough to contain water bottles and cameras during the summit attempt as these will otherwise freeze if in an outside pocket or day pack, balaclava, mittens, snow goggles or ski sunglasses, scarf, 3 pairs of warm trousers, sweaters, a pair of warm socks for each day of the climb, thermal underwear, waterproof layer, rain jacket, sun proof hat with a brim all round, well worn in walking boots, sun cream, small first aid kit, knapsack.Uganda Safari A small day pack to put day use, sweets or chocolates or some instant energy tablets i.e. like fizzles which can be dissolved in a cup of drinking water, anti malaria tablets before starting the climb (Recommended are Diamox tablets, one each morning) – these help to overcome mild altitude sickness – 250mg.)

rwenzori hiking treks
Day 1:
Arrive at the Airport, you will be met by our tour guide, according to the time you landed proceed to Kasese via Mbarara stop for Lunch before heading for the foothills of the mountains of the Moon. Check in at the Margherita Hotel for dinner and overnight.
Day 2:
Early morning, start the tour by heading to Nyakalengija on to Ibanda where you will start your 5-6 hour Climb into the Mountains. Here you will climb through the thick vegetation arriving at the Nyabitaba Hut(2650metres) in the late evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 3:

Have breakfast Early, and start a morning hike through the Kurt Sharfer Bridge to marvel at the Mobuku River Confluence. A Climb through the Open Patches and Lobelia and the Heath Moss Forest before proceeding up to the John Matte Hut where you are to spend the night.

Day 4:
Depart early through the Giant Lobelias and the Heath trees. You ascend to the Bigo Bog and Scenic Landscape of Lobelias, Giant Groundswells. Dinner and overnight at Bujuku Hut(3977) Hut.
Day 5:
Leave the Valley in the Beautiful Vegetation consisting of Giant Groundswell and Lobelia and head on an ascent to Mount Victoria Emanuel(Mount Speke 4890

Day 6:
Through the lovely views of the Savor and Elena Glaciers start off the fresh days walk. Scale further through the Scott Elliot Pass(4372m) and proceed through the Snow to the Elena Hut for Overnight.

Day 7:
Today is the final Ascent to The Alps Of Africa. Early morning ascend to the Snowy Alexander Peak (5092m) and the Highest Peak (5109m). Thereafter, descend to the beautiful Lake Kitandara for overnight at the Kitandara hut.(3900)

Day 8:
Descend early after breakfast and picnic lunches proceeding to Guy yeoman Hut for dinner and Overnight.
Day 9:
Descend to Nyabitaba and proceeding to Ibanda and proceed back to Margherita Hotel for Overnight.
Day 10:
Travel to Kampala and proceed to Entebbe Airport for your evening flight out. Our tour guides will see you through the checking out procedures at the airport and see to it that you leave Uganda very comfortably.

Meals provided include Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

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