This park acquired its name from a Masai world meaning “a place of water”. This Kenya safaris park is located on an area of 392 sq km. it is also 135 km from Nairobi town. At times this park is dry and dusty. A large water supply of water is filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from Kilimanjaro Snow melts. These underground streams join into two clear water springs in the heart of the park.

The widespread dust is ash, which spewed from Kilimanjaro millennia ago. During the dry season a curious creature is the sparkling dry lake-bed where false mirages of populated horizons, punctuated by real herds of zebras and gnu hover in front of visitors. The principal attraction of Amboseli is its vast herds of elephants within the park. Here bulls have some of the largest tusks in Kenya.

Amboseli safari park  is an important range land in Masai culture and the ranch areas outside the park offers outside park offers a wealth of game viewing and walking safaris.

Accommodation in Amboseli National Park Kenya

One of the most renowned parks in Kenya, Amboseli gives a wide range of accommodation with four lodges, two campsites and the Ol Tukai self-help Bandas. There are several tented lodges just outside the park.