While in Uganda, bird watching will be quite an experience that you will never forget, so when you decide to travel grab a pair of good binoculars and a camera to have a bigger picture of what Uganda has in store.

They are over 1500 bird species in East Africa and over 1000 species are found in Uganda; the picturesque spots that offer unique and incomparable species than any other in the region.
There are various places like forest and wildlife reserves, rain forests, rivers and other areas where you will have a breathtaking view of these beautiful gifts of nature. These include: Queen Elizabeth National Park, which boasts of 606 species of birds like the papyrus gonolek, African skimmer, shoebill stork, African fish eagle and many others. Twitters and non-twitters will love the pelican point on Kazinga Channel. Other places include Murchison Falls National Park within it in, Kaniyo Pabidi (within Budongo forest Reserve – on this safari you will come across the white-thigh-ed horn bill, purel’s illadopsis which is not found anywhere in East Africa, chocolate backed kingfisher etc), and Rabongo forest (south east of the protected area). Other birds include the herons, cormorants, bee-eaters, rare shoebill, ducks, herons and so many more that you will enjoy viewing especially with a good pair of binoculars, during the 3 hour-launch trip on the Nile.


While visiting in Uganda and you love bird watching make sure you drop by any of these places and view these amazing creatures soaring up above!

Check list for top bird spots in Uganda.

Mabamba Swamp
Is a lush swamp situated on shores Lake Victoria is famous for the rare and charismatic species, Shoe bill stork (also known as the Whale headed stork).
They are found in only nine African countries and places range from southern Sudan, through Uganda and western Tanzania to Southeast democratic republic of Congo (DRC) and Northwest Zambia. In Uganda, the Shoe bill has become a major tourist attraction and is highly sought after by visiting ornithologists. The swamp is accessed opposite the Mpanga forest 30kmsouthwest of Kampala.

yellow billed

The Kazinga Channel

This is a channel which joins Lake Edward to Lake George with 33-35km. It acts as a breeding ground for a variety of birds, fish species as well as hippopotamus’s and buffaloes. Over 300 species of birds are recorded and these include: the African Jacana, Yellow ox-pecker, Black Crake, Little eaglet, the Grey heron, others

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi has a diversity of bird species and 346 species have been recorded. Birds viewed include the Great blue Turaco, the Grover’s, thrush wolber and the African green broad bill, Buhoma-Ruhija-Black bee eater, African Green Broad bill.

Budongo Forest Kaniyo Pabidi

This forest not only famous for the chimps and nature walks but also birds species and they include; the Purvels IIIdopsis, Shinning Blue Kingfisher, White Crested Turaco among others.

Mgahinga National Park
This park is located on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains, in the extreme corner south west of Uganda and around the camp ground is a birding tour sanctuary and species include; Ibis, Speckled mouse bird, Fire finch, Stone chart, Crowned horn bill, Rwenzori turaco, grey chapped warbler, the black kite, wax bills and yellow vented bull.

Murchison Falls National Park
Within the largest park in Uganda is a bird sanctuary and the famous species are, the rare shoebill stork, Denham’s bustard, and the Red fronted bee eaters.

Mabira Forest Reserve

This forest reserve stands at an altitude of 1070-1340m above sea level and harbors 46% of Uganda’s birds which include; blue swallow, papyrus gonoleck, yellow throat-ed Tinker bird,  bat hawk, hawk eagle and honey guide Green Bull. With the help of a guide, try spotting these bird species and top up your list!!

Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary
Besides the nature walks this wetland sanctuary has to offer visitors, this lush papyrus swamp is famous for birds like the Black billed Turaco and White spotted crake among others.

Lake Mburo National Park

This park has a variety of vegetation ranging from grasslands to wetlands to acacia woodlands harboring 357 bird species!!
Bird watching is usually done along the Kigambira loop and the most common birds are the Hawks, Marina’s trogn, crowned crane, Marabou stock Grey backed cameroptera, the double- toothed barbet and the green pigeon found in Rubanga forest.

Rwenzori Mountains
These magnificent misted mountains famously called the mountains of the moon are the highest mountains in Africa and have unique bird species among which are the Rwenzori Turaco, francolin and olive pigeon.

Semliki National Park
This is the only valley park in Uganda which consists of a tropical lowland forest and harbors 435 bird species which is approximately 34% of Uganda’s total recorded, 40 of these species are Congolese found nowhere else in Uganda.

Kibale Forest National Park
This rainforest lies in the northeast of Queen Elizabeth National Park and its vegetation consists of grassland, woodland and swamp. The park hosts over 325 species of birds which include; the great blue turaco, the great white heron, the crowned eagle, the little green bul, the yellow spotted Tinker Bird , Green Breasted Pitta and many others.

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