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    Kenya is synonymous with big game and many of its 50 reserves & parks are home to virtually all the large animal species of Africa as well as a myriad of smaller mammals and a wealth of bird species. In addition Kenya has tribal people living traditionally, the lakes & mountains of the Great Rift Valley, a huge variety of eco-systems and the coast, lapped by the Indian Ocean and home to the Arab / African mix known as Swahili. We offer Tanzania safari packages as well, just in case  your intention is to tour the whole of East Africa.

    Our Uganda safari packages take you for primate gorilla trekking, in Tanzania you can take on mount climbing or wild game viewing just like in Tanzania.

    Kenya Vacation Safari.
    Duration: 4 days
    Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara
    Duration: 5 days
    Kenya Safari Tour.
    Duration: 7 days
    Kenya Family Safari
    Duration: 7 days
    Tour to Samburu, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara Safari Kenya.
    Duration: 7 days
    Wildlife safari to Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara
    Duration: 7 days
    Tsavo West, Amboseli and Nakuru Safari Kenya
    Duration: 7 days
    Holiday tour in Kenya
    Duration: 9 days
    Kenya Luxury Bush Safari
    Duration: 14 days

    Kenya’s Great Rift Valley cuts from north to south and to the west are the agricultural Highlands where tea, coffee, vegetables and flowers are produced. To the north, beyond Mount Kenya Tour stretch semi arid deserts and inhospitable terrain where only a few nomadic eke out a tough existence. Here, around Lake Turkana, the Jade Sea, anthropologists have identified the ‘cradle of humanity’.

    A different world opens up as you approach the shores of the Indian Ocean. The air becomes humid; the sun seems to shine more intensely; a gentle lifestyle and a sandy beach unfurls. Here is a paradise for diving, snorkeling, fishing and relaxation.

    For a first visit to Africa, Kenya Safari is highly recommended as it offers diversity and the very essence of Africa – superb game viewing, tribal people and stunning scenery. Uganda safari , If you have been to Africa before Kenya’s reward is great abundance and contrasting Eco-systems.

    A visit to the Masai Mara in Kenya, to see the wildebeest migration to is one of the top safaris in Kenya, We can arrange for your Kenya adventure safaris, birdwatching trips, sightseeing holidays in Kenya, short tours and excursions, adventure trails and so much more.

    National Parks of Kenya & Other Destinations in Kenya

    Amboseli National Park
    Masai Mara Safari Kenya
    Nairobi National park
    Samburu and Buffalo Springs
    Kisite Marine National Park
    Meru National Park
    Lake Nakuru
    Shimba Hills Kenya

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