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The archeology of Walumbe pits ttanda

Ttanda Pits of death in Uganda

The story of Nambi, Kintu, Kayikuzi and Walumbe aka “god of Death” has been retold over the years in Uganda. Ttanda pits is one of the ancient traditional religious sites in Uganda. It is believed to be a spiritual place so as you approach the spiritual area, everyone irrespective of your social or political status is supposed to remove their shoes and walk bare footed.

How did Walumbe come to earth?

According to the legends, Kintu is believed to be the first man that lived on earth. Kintu got interested in Nambi who occasionally visited the earth from heaven. Kintu and Nambi went to heaven and he asked for her hand in marriage, Ggulu believed to be the father to Nambi according to the legends, blessed them and they got married. The creator of all heaven and earth Ggulu asked the two to leave heaven and go to the earth without letting Walumbe know since he was the source of death and suffering. On their way to the earth, Nambi being a poultry farmer, she remembered she had left her millet “Obuulo” (in our local Luganda language) which was going to feed her chicken. Kintu tried to convince her not to go back because Walumbe would see her but she insisted that he would not. On her way back to meet Kintu, she ran into Walumbe who asked her where she was going and she didn’t say.

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Visit the ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth safari park Uganda

Ishasha is in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park a distance away from the mweya peninsular and  offering an off the beaten track experience that will be interesting and worth visiting to many tourists. This is one of the most interesting tourists destinations covered with open savannah type of vegetation and the acacia as well as the fig trees and will offer you a memorable Uganda wildlife tour and safari experience.

Queen Elizabeth national parkIt is a remote place but despite the remoteness, ishasha is still one of the favorite therefore frequently visited section of Queen Elizabeth compared to any other part of this national park. This section of the park has got that undulating kind of landscape with a very clear view of both the wildlife, the vegetation across a vast area of this park.  There are a number of tourists’ attractions that you find in the place and make the place worth visiting.

Watch the tree climbing lions

These are the major attractions in ishasha and it’s the tree climbing lions that have made this sector so popular to so many people across the globe.

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Africa's most sought after animals in the world found in Uganda

Rothschild-giraffesWildlife is one of Uganda main tourists’ attractions as they attract thousands of people from all over the world. Wildlife watching comes second after primates watching on any  wildlife safari in Uganda and the success is possibly as a result of the fact that there is a huge population and variety of wildlife species. The list includes animals like the various types of antelopes, cheetahs, warthogs, even the famous big fives which are found in various national parks around the country. Expect to see at least four if not all the big fives during your Uganda wildlife safari. Such animals include;

The Lion – the King of the Jungle

This is also known as the king of beasts, they belong to the cat family and they are among the first animals that one will think of once you mention wildlife in Africa. These are amazing animals and they almost on everyone’s list of must see animals, probably because of their power, and also their skillful hunting abilities.

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Conservationists Mourn the Death Ndahura-An Alpha Male Gorilla

ndahura-silverback-died-bwindiNdahura has been Bitukura gorilla family’s current silver back and this family is found in Ruhija section of Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park found in the south western part of the country. He died yesterday- 18th December 2016 during the morning hours and his death was entirely an accident as it fell from a tree branch after it broke.   

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All is set for 2017 Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo

pearl-of-africa-tourism-expoThe Uganda Tourism Board – UTB is to host the 2017 Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) at the Kololo Independence grounds within the capital city of Uganda – Kampala starting February 17th to February 19th 2017 in Kampala, Uganda.

The theme for the 2017 POATE is going to be ‘Tourism is Everybody’s Business’ and the primary objective of hosting this POATE is to establish a common platform for networking among the players of the industry within the region and across the globe.

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Shelley’s Crimsonwing one of the worlds’s little known about birds here in Uganda

shelleys-crimsonwingShelley’s Crimsonwing – scientifically known as (Cryptospiza shelleyi) is a beautiful small brightly colored and hard to pin down bird. Very few people have actually got the opportunity to see this bird especially within the Albertine Rift Valley’s montane forests where it is prevalent. This very rare species which is grouped by the IUCN as Vulnerable and listed on the IUCN Red-List of Threatened Species is present in Uganda and listed among the country’s top ten most sought after bird during Uganda Birding Safaris.

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