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Visit the ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth safari park Uganda

Ishasha is in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park a distance away from the mweya peninsular and  offering an off the beaten track experience that will be interesting and worth visiting to many tourists. This is one of the most interesting tourists destinations covered with open savannah type of vegetation and the acacia as well as the fig trees and will offer you a memorable Uganda wildlife tour and safari experience.

Queen Elizabeth national parkIt is a remote place but despite the remoteness, ishasha is still one of the favorite therefore frequently visited section of Queen Elizabeth compared to any other part of this national park. This section of the park has got that undulating kind of landscape with a very clear view of both the wildlife, the vegetation across a vast area of this park.  There are a number of tourists’ attractions that you find in the place and make the place worth visiting.

Watch the tree climbing lions

These are the major attractions in ishasha and it’s the tree climbing lions that have made this sector so popular to so many people across the globe.

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UNWTO to Support Tourism Development in Sudan

unwto-support-sudan-tourismDr. Taleb Rifai the Secretary General of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has portrayed the commitment of UNWTO to support the development of tourism within Sudan. he made this declaration during his visit recently in Sudan. His visit corresponded with a 3-day executive training in the region. This training organized by the World Tourism organization (UNWTO) was about crisis communication within tourism and this training started on 15th November to 17th November, 2016 in Khartoum within Sudan.

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Bush Babies in Uganda – With a Sound of Human Baby Crying

bush-babies-ugandaBush-babies Interesting-facts Uganda-primate-safari, Bush babies are among the smallest primates almost as small as a squirrel, they are African nocturnal primates that live in trees and they are usually seen during the night game drive in the different national parks in Uganda during our exciting Uganda Primate Safaris. They have an odd as it combines looks of several animals like a bat, a cat and somehow a dog. To clearly identify a bush baby, you have to look out for particular features on its body. There are two types which include the tick tailed bush babies and the lesser bush babies.

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Learn about Uganda’s Butterflies, Butterfly-Watching-Safari

Butterflies are among the most beautiful and impressive insects to see in the whole world and the biggest number of them are brightly colored. Butterfly-Watching-Safari, Nature-Walk-Safari Kibale National Park, Bwindi National Park, Budongo National Park

Uganda has approximately 33% of the overall Afro-tropical species (over 1200 butterfly species have been recorded here.) This however doesn’t include the subspecies which are over 70. There are four different butterfly families we have here in Uganda and these include:

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Where to stay on a Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation

Accommodation-in-Queen-Eilzabeth-ParkOn this amazing safari in Uganda, you will meet the AA safaris and Tour‘s guide in the morning when he comes to pick you up from your hotel or any other place where you will have spent that night. You will drive Queen Elizabeth national park located in the southwest of the country, driving along the Masaka- Mbarara road and so your first stop over will be at the equator.

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The Nile Safari Lodge one of best Places to stay on your Uganda Safari

Nile-Safari-LodgeA number of years ago, the Nile safari lodge was just like so many other lodges around and it was the very first lodge to be constructed among the currently existing Geo Lodges Uganda and owned by a safari and lodge company affiliated with the Alam Group of Companies. The Nile Safari lodge is located immediately outside of the park boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park with lots of visitors from different parts of the world, East Africa as well as Kampala. Meanwhile all the tourists were happy about the new looks of the lodge and anticipate that it will attract more tourists than ever before.

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The Nabiyotum Crater in Lake Turkana, Kenya

Nabiyotum-Crater-kenyaThe Nabuyatom Crater, an amazing geological wonder in Lake Turkana. It is actually a caldera that was formed after a volcano collapsed. This beautiful crater is found in the middle of the largest desert lake – Lake Turkana and one of the best tourist sites worth seeing on your Safari in Kenya. Undeniably, it is a spectacular landform that shows one among the many wonders of Mother Nature.

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Hiking Mountain Bisoke to the Crater Lake

mountain-hike-rwandaMount Bisoke also known as Mount Visoke and it is one of the volcanoes Chain Mountains in East Africa called the Virunga or Mufumbiro mountain ranges. These mountains are located along borders of Rwanda and DR. Congo as well as Uganda and they are a branch of the Albertine Rift Mountains.

On your Safari in Rwanda you will have an opportunity to hike this beautiful Mount Bisoke. This mountain range is made of 8 different volcano mountains though most of them are no longer active except two which are mount Nyamuraigira which is 3,063metres high and mount Nyiragongo which is 3463 meters high, both located in Congo. The Virunga Mountains are a great tourism destination because the surrounding forests are a home to the famous mountain gorillas but besides gorilla tracking as a tourism activity, there is also primates trekking as well as mountain hiking done in the area.

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Ntarama Church Massacre | Rwanda Genocide Site

Ntarama-genocide-siteJust a couple of weeks to  the start of the 1994 Rwanda genocide that claimed thousands and thousands of lives of the local people,  rumors started passing around everywhere of mayhem. This is among the Genocide sites you will visit o your Safari in Rwanda. One of the locals (Innocent Rwililiza) narrated what he remembers about this heart breaking time.

One of the locals recalls the day when he was walking back home from work with his neighbor who stopped him and told him that they are all going to be killed.

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