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More should be done to promote tourism – President Yoweri Museveni

President Museveni and the Tourism sector

President Museveni said that Uganda has the potential to earn more from the tourism sector if more effort is put into marketing and promotion of the country’s tourism potential. In Nwoya district, the president spoke about the passing out ceremony for game rangers who included 393 men and 97 women at Murchison Falls Training ground and also restated the need to have clear rules of engagement when dealing with poachers if the country’s precious wildlife was to be protected.

These rangers are mainly aged between 22 – 30 and will be deployed in different conservation areas to beef up the already existing force in the field. President Museveni also congratulated the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) for building manpower to protect the parks and also congratulated the graduates. 

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Be the Next Ugandan Ninja Warrior, Extreme Adventure Park Busika

extreme-adventure-park-busikaAA Safaris and tours offer you an opportunity to perfect you skills and be next Ninja warrior with trip to Busika Extreme Adventure one of the only two adventure parks found in Uganda. This is a very nice place to visit for day trips or as an en-route activity especially when heading East through mukono to explore, Mabira Forest, Jinja – the Source of River Nile, Mbale town – home of the Imbalu, or visit the cascading Sipi Waterfalls during your Uganda Adventure Safari.

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Best Time to Visit Uganda

The best time to visit Uganda is now

If you are planning and hoping for an exceptional tour in Africa, Uganda is the country to visit because we have it all unlike other East African countries. And the best time to visit Uganda is now There is no need to wait. Uganda has almost all kinds of wildlife species, so many different primate species, bird species for the birders, cultural diversity given the fact that we have so many different tribes and all of them have their different cultures, among other tourists’ attractions.

So for those that are interested in visiting Uganda, the best time is now. You can expect to have the most amazing experience regardless of what you are interested and when you planning to travel.

You may be interested it attractions like the;

The wildlife and the bird life

Uganda has so many different wildlife species found in the different national parks, game reserves and other protected areas across the country. Such species include thousands of zebras found in both Kidepo and Lake Mburo national parks, large herds of buffaloes and elephants in Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Semilki national park, there are the Rothschild giraffes in Murchison, Kidepo and recently introduced a few in Lake Mburo national park. There are also several types of antelopes in all parks, there are warthogs, Hyenas, aquatic animals like the hippos, the crocodiles, among so other wild animals. This means, a Uganda wildlife safari is worthwhile.

The bird watchers will be amazed by the variety of bird species which include the rare and most sought birds like the shoebill stork that is commonly found in wetlands. The most common species may be found in most of the parks and these include birds like the crested crane, the wagtails, the great blue turaco, among so many others. There are so many other different birds therefore whichever park you choose to visit, you can expect variety of time to visit Uganda

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Bagisu Male Circumcision – Imbalu a cultural norm in Uganda.

Imbalu is a local Gishu word which means the Bagisu traditional male circumcision ritual that happens every even year. This is the time during which the boys are introduced to man hood. Just like all the other tribes in Uganda, the Bagishu people from Masaba land around the lower areas of Mount Elgon also have got different a unique culture, norms and beliefs but the most prominent one is the Imbalu. This entire ritual of baptizing boys to turn them into men is very deeply embedded in all the Bagisu people and they all strongly believe and support this act. This is believed to be a sign of strength ad bravery.

Imbalu- Bagisu Male Circumcision

The male circumcision is a very old practice that not even the Bagisu people know when, why and how it was started.

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Budongo Forest Uganda – Murchison Falls

Budongo Forest is located in Masindi just about 3 hours away from Kampala and very close to boundaries of Murchison falls national park covering a distance of about 825kms along the escarpments of Lake Albert. The Budongo forest is for…

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5 Reasons why you should trek Gorillas in Uganda

Across the world, the total number of mountain gorillas is estimated to be about 880 or so. Mountain gorilla is one of the eastern gorilla species and they are commonly seen in either the in central Africa’s Virunga volcanic mountains therefore are shared by Uganda in Mgahinga national park, Rwanda in volcanoes national park and DR. Congo in Virunga national park. Or, you can find them in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park. Much as Uganda, Rwanda and Congo have the same product, Uganda is a better choice because;

Uganda has the highest population of mountain gorillas

Uganda’s national parks have more than half of the entire world’s mountain gorilla population and this is because it has such a big number of them in Mgahinga but mostly in Bwindi forest. This means there are options to choose from and there is no traffic as there are 12 different families each with a big number of members accessible to tourists per day thus an advantage over the other 2 countries. You can go tracking in Mgahinga national park or go for any of the families in the southern and eastern part of Bwindi. Every day, a little over 100 tourists have the opportunity to go for a real trek to search for these mountain gorillas and get to see them in families of not less than 8 individuals.

Gorilla tracking is cheaper

It is true that gorilla tracking Uganda, Rwanda and Congo offers you the same satisfaction in the end. Uganda is however a better destination because we sell this experience at a cheaper price of only $600 per person compared to Rwanda that has over priced it to $1500 per person. In Uganda, we also offer discounted permits at $450 per person during the low seasons of April, May and November which are considered the low season and this is something that Rwanda does not offer thus making Uganda the ideal destination for those are on a tight budget. Congo offers the cheapest rates throughout the year but it is not that safe for tourists considering the ongoing instability in various parts of Congo. Safety is among the key factors to consider when your destinations. Please do not forget the when it comes to lodges all accommodations ranges are available and they tend to determine the final price.

Uganda is a very safe country for all travelers.

There are so many people that travel to Uganda every year for different purposes for example for business, leisure, tourism, among others and many of them arrive, stay and leave safely at the end of their trips. You can travel to Uganda any time of the year and you will always be safe in any part of the country you travel to. Ugandan are among the friendliest people in the whole world, they are so welcoming, the adults will offer you help whenever you need it and the kids will never miss waving as you pass by.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Uganda also offers gorilla habituation experience

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The archeology of Walumbe pits ttanda

Ttanda Pits of death in Uganda

The story of Nambi, Kintu, Kayikuzi and Walumbe aka “god of Death” has been retold over the years in Uganda. Ttanda pits is one of the ancient traditional religious sites in Uganda. It is believed to be a spiritual place so as you approach the spiritual area, everyone irrespective of your social or political status is supposed to remove their shoes and walk bare footed.

How did Walumbe come to earth?

According to the legends, Kintu is believed to be the first man that lived on earth. Kintu got interested in Nambi who occasionally visited the earth from heaven. Kintu and Nambi went to heaven and he asked for her hand in marriage, Ggulu believed to be the father to Nambi according to the legends, blessed them and they got married. The creator of all heaven and earth Ggulu asked the two to leave heaven and go to the earth without letting Walumbe know since he was the source of death and suffering. On their way to the earth, Nambi being a poultry farmer, she remembered she had left her millet “Obuulo” (in our local Luganda language) which was going to feed her chicken. Kintu tried to convince her not to go back because Walumbe would see her but she insisted that he would not. On her way back to meet Kintu, she ran into Walumbe who asked her where she was going and she didn’t say.

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Africa's most sought after animals in the world found in Uganda

Rothschild-giraffesWildlife is one of Uganda main tourists’ attractions as they attract thousands of people from all over the world. Wildlife watching comes second after primates watching on any  wildlife safari in Uganda and the success is possibly as a result of the fact that there is a huge population and variety of wildlife species. The list includes animals like the various types of antelopes, cheetahs, warthogs, even the famous big fives which are found in various national parks around the country. Expect to see at least four if not all the big fives during your Uganda wildlife safari. Such animals include;

The Lion – the King of the Jungle

This is also known as the king of beasts, they belong to the cat family and they are among the first animals that one will think of once you mention wildlife in Africa. These are amazing animals and they almost on everyone’s list of must see animals, probably because of their power, and also their skillful hunting abilities.

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