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Visit the ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth safari park Uganda

Ishasha is in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park a distance away from the mweya peninsular and  offering an off the beaten track experience that will be interesting and worth visiting to many tourists. This is one of the most interesting tourists destinations covered with open savannah type of vegetation and the acacia as well as the fig trees and will offer you a memorable Uganda wildlife tour and safari experience.

Queen Elizabeth national parkIt is a remote place but despite the remoteness, ishasha is still one of the favorite therefore frequently visited section of Queen Elizabeth compared to any other part of this national park. This section of the park has got that undulating kind of landscape with a very clear view of both the wildlife, the vegetation across a vast area of this park.  There are a number of tourists’ attractions that you find in the place and make the place worth visiting.

Watch the tree climbing lions

These are the major attractions in ishasha and it’s the tree climbing lions that have made this sector so popular to so many people across the globe. These tree climbing lions spend most of their time up in those big acacia or fig trees and can easily be seen up in the trees. Lions do climb up the trees probably to protect themselves from tsetse flies and other ground insects that might cause illnesses. This is the only place in Uganda with the tree climbing lions but there are other places in East Africa like in lake Manyara national park in Tanzania where herds of lions usually led by their king are seen in the jungle lazily resting up in the trees but sometimes they are seen feeding on their prey from up the trees.

You can also expect to see the lions while out for a game drive around this Ishasha section and you are free to take as many pictures as you possibly want.

What other animals can you expect to see

During your visit to Ishasha, you can expect more than the tree climbing lions because there is a lot more wildlife animals as you will see. There is s a huge population of elephants, the buffalos, there various types of antelopes, warthogs and many more others.  With the help of our well trained guides, you will be able to see as many of these animals as possible thus making your safari to Queen Elizabeth worthwhile.

You can also visit the crater lakes region

Queen Elizabeth national park is blessed with such a big number of crater lakes which are associated with very interesting histories that you may wish to know about. You can always choose where to go as the like includes the Lake Katwe which is the main salt mining ground and while there, you can learn a few things about salt mining. There other craters like Lake Nyamunyanyange which is famous for being a home to a big number of migratory flamingoes, among so many other crater lakes.

Other activities include the boat cruise on the kazinga channel which is an interesting to majority of travelers because they get to see the water animals like the hippos, crocodiles, hundreds of bird species, many more attraction.  The Kazinga channel where the boat ride is done is a natural water body that connects lakes Edward to Lake gorge. The experience will for sure be a memorable one.

When is the best time to visit

The best time to visit would be during the dry season which comes in between June to September and this is so because then the roads are very passable and don’t have to worry about slippery roads. During the dry season, the grass usually short therefore it is easy to see the wildlife even from a far as they graze and also the predators as they hunt.

It is however, okay to visit any time of year because all activities can be done any time of the year, game drives can be done any time of the year including during the rainy season.

Where to spend your nights while in Ishasha

There are a number of accommodation facilities within the Ishasha section for example Ishasha wilderness camp which is a luxurious facility offering the best quality service and comfortable beds. There are several other accommodation facilities where you can spend your night and then in the morning drive to Ishasha for the lion hunt and these include hotels like mweya safari lodge, bush lodge, Marafiki safari lodge, Kasenyi safari camp and Ihamba lakeside safari lodge, among so many others.

All these lodges provide both accommodation and food to their guest at an affordable price. These accommodation facilities include the low budget, the mid range accommodations and the luxury accommodation so the choice is always yours depending on how much you are willing to spend.

For more information about doing a tour in Uganda’s queen Elizabeth national park fill in our contact form above.

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