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Shelley’s Crimsonwing one of the worlds’s little known about birds here in Uganda

shelleys-crimsonwingShelley’s Crimsonwing – scientifically known as (Cryptospiza shelleyi) is a beautiful small brightly colored and hard to pin down bird. Very few people have actually got the opportunity to see this bird especially within the Albertine Rift Valley’s montane forests where it is prevalent. This very rare species which is grouped by the IUCN as Vulnerable and listed on the IUCN Red-List of Threatened Species is present in Uganda and listed among the country’s top ten most sought after bird during Uganda Birding Safaris.

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Visit Pineapple Bay on Bulago Island – Uganda’s Beautiful Hidden Jewel

pineapple-bay-bulago-islandThe pineapple bay is located on Bulago Island within Lake Victoria and it can be accessed by both air transport which takes about 10 minutes and by boat, in which case it takes 40 minutes. It is located only a mile away in the south of the Equator and it some kind of paradise that is worth visiting whenever you visit the country on your Safari in Uganda. The pineapple Bay Resort is among those really amazing places in Uganda on Ssese Islands. Ssese Islands make one of the best islands there is in the world, pineapple bay resort is a must place on Bulago Island and you can visit any time of the year.

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Uganda Beefs up Tourism Security

uganda-police-menWith Christmas around the corner and the festive season already in high gear down in Uganda, the government has increased the number of security official not only to safe guard the people of Uganda but also to protect the different holidaymakers that visit the country during their Safari in Uganda

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Air Tanzania to increases Domestic Destinations its Serving

air-tanzaniaAir Tanzania’s team which was recently installed in office has released the airline’s schedule information and the good news is that there are several domestic destinations which have been included on the airline’s weekly schedule.

Today Air Tanzania serves Hahaya – Comoros as the sole international destination that the airline goes to 3 times each week and that is on Tuesday, Thursday as well as Saturday, however it had also started serving various domestic destinations.

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Uganda Tourism Sector Unveils New Tourist Products

uganda-martyrs-shrine-namugongoAbout 3 different government agencies working with other private tourism agencies have come together to unveil about four of Uganda’s new amazing tourism products that have not been fully exploited. They expect to spend about Shs.231 billion in the struggle to boost Uganda’s tourism potential. UTB, The Uganda Tourism Board and the Uganda Tourism Association working together with Trade Mark East Africa did reveal the country’s new products on the market and these include the famous Namugongo Shrine Faith Based Tourism sites, the Uganda National Museum Indigenous Dinner, there is also the Uganda Rwenzori Cultural Trail as well as the Interpretation Capacity Building for a bird watching adventures.

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Why Visit Uganda this Christmas Holiday

christmas-safari-ugandaThe bells are already ringing, Christmas is around the corner and the common question every holidaymaker is asking themselves is where to spend this festive season. the good news is; you don’t have to look any further as AA Safari &Tours unveils to you Destination Uganda!  Located within East Africa, this is a country that will reward you with a memorable experience as it offers you a variety of fun-filled activities ranging from water adventures, game drives, bird watching trips, mountain climbing, boat rides, hikes, nature walks, white water rafting and cultural tours among so many other amazing activities which you will enjoy on your Christmas Safari in Uganda.

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Air Traffic to be Interrupted as Kenya Celebrates its Independence Day

kenya-civil-aviation-authorityThe temporary closing of the air-space surrounding the Jomo Kenyatta International airport the main airport of Kenya yesterday caused a disruption of air traffic for five hours of closure yesterday as Kenya’s air-force was training for its aerial displays as well as the flyby maneuvers in preparation for the 12th of December when the country will be celebrating its independence day.

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Gorilla Trekking Areas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest

bwindi-silverback-gorillaBwindi is an extremely old forest which actually survived the massive plate-shift that lead to the formation of the beautiful western Rift. the word ‘Bwindi’ in the local language means “dark, complex and ferocious place”,  and it was named so to best explain the impenetrable nature of the forest considering in some parts the tree canopy is very thick that light can hardly penetrate down to the ground. this forest is best known for its Gorilla Trekking Safaris, and within this verdant forest you will also find a deep swamp.

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Best Place to enjoy a Uganda Cultural Safari this Christmas Holiday

tourists-arrivalWith Christmas around the corner and the holiday mood already kicking in, you choose to do something different from the usual game drive, bird watching or gorilla trekking and instead enjoy a Uganda Cultural Safari. During this unique adventure, you will have an opportunity to unveil Uganda’s hidden history, sites as well as the native people leaving in the different corners of the country. Thanks to the large population of people in the country, there is a diversity of cultural groups each with their unique language, practices and regalia.

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