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Where to find lions on your Safari in Uganda

african-savannah-lionLions are named as some of the greatest and most fierce carnivores living within our Savannah parks across the country. Uganda is blessed with very wonderful scenery all across, the vegetation cover is amazing as some places are covered with forests, there are places with savannah vegetation and lots of other vegetation types. These are great homes for lions, the King of the jungle. They are found in different National Parks across the country including;

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Amazing Wildlife and Birds in Semuliki National Park

game-drive-semilikiSemliki national park is one of the few somewhat virgin tourism destinations in Uganda, it cuts across Semliki valley, western of Mountain Rwenzori and it is largely occupied by the Ituri forest that extends from the Eastern parts of Congo following the Congo Basin. This park covers an area of 220 sq km at an altitude of 670-760metres high above sea level. It is also listed as the oldest and also bio diverse forest compared to all as it also survived the ice age that happened 12or 18000 years ago.

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Kenya Tourism Board receives new CEO

betty-radier-ktbToday, 1st December 2016, the Kenya Tourism Board has welcomed a new CEO Dr. Betty Radier. She assumed this office after a thorough search was made over a couple of months with proper analysis and examination of the different applicants which eventually saw Dr. Betty outclass them all.

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Interesting Facts about the Gecko, Safari Uganda

house-geckoGeckos are small-medium lizard species that mainly live within the temperate regions across the planet. The Geckos are commonly seen within the southern hemisphere as well as around the Equator-crossing, nonetheless there are a couple of gecko species found in the warmer regions north of the Equator-crossing.

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Nature Walks and Hikes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park

hiking-mgahinga-ugandaNature walks in Mgahinga goes together with hiking because of the fact that this is a very hilly area and hiking is something that you can hardly avoid. There are several amazing places that you can always visit during your trip to Mgahinga national park. These are always guide nature walks, armed escorts are provided to walk along with you during your nature walk and so will the help of your guide, you will visit and see the scenery as well as the different tourism attractions in the area.

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The Pygmy Falcon – Kidepo National Park

kidepo-birding-safariAlso known as the African Pygmy Falcon, the Pygmy Falcon (Polihierax semitorquatus) here in Uganda can be seen in the far away Kidepo National Park located in the northern part of Uganda. Unique about this bird is that it is the smallest documented raptor on the African continent. Being a small bird (between 19 and 20 cm long), it’s prey comprises mainly of insects, tiny mammals as well as small reptiles.

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Bird Watching in Mgahinga National Park, Safari Uganda

birding-safari-mgahingaMgahinga gorilla national park covers an area of 33.7 square km located in the south west corner of Uganda. It is a home to quite a number of primates especially the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys which makes it one of the best places where you can do a golden monkey trek in Uganda. Largest part of this park is covered by the forest and its a perfect home for lots of bird species and thus a great birding destination to enjoy a Uganda Birdwatching Safari during your visit.

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Enjoy the Amazing Cultural Encounters in Mt. Mgahinga

batwa-pygmies-mgahinga-ugandaMgahinga national park lies really high up in the clouds between 2,227m-4127m. This park is famous for being a home to the rare mountain gorillas as well as the endangered golden monkey. These live comfortably in that dense Bamboo forest.

With the park are more than primates, there are various wildlife species you will see on your safari in Uganda; Mgahinga has a big cultural significance especially to the indigenous people who are the Batwa pygmies.

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