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Uganda Tourism Board to Modernize the Uganda Equator

MPIGI. Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) together with Mpigi District authorities have combined together in order to modernize the Uganda Equator at Kayabwe Town along the Kampala – Masaka highway as a way of attracting more foreign tourists and the locals in the country.

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This district strategy is aimed at promoting the sites near the Uganda Equator according to Mr Ronald Kazibwe, the district commercial officer and he continues to add on that “The Equator is the best tourism site in our district but its beauty has faded in the past years due to lack of enough care. It’s time to modernize it and if this goes on well, other sites near the Equator will also be receiving tourists hence transforming the economy and increasing our annual revenue and household incomes”.

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Africa’s Top 10 Most Endangered Animals

Africa is a country that is richly gifted by Mother Nature. Thanks to the different habitats found on the continent, there are several hundreds of different animals you will see in Africa a number of the only endemic to this continent.

Today we look at the top 10 most endangered animals on the African continent, their estimated population, their threats and where to see or find them

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Reunion Island: Best Place to observe today’s Annular Eclipse in the World

Annular-eclipseToday morning, the countdown has already started in high gear down in Reunion Island. According to top international experts, Reunion Island is the best place across the globe to observe today’s (1st September, 2016) annular eclipse. From 12:20pm local time, the Moon will be between the Sun and the Earth, and this will leave majority of the areas in Reunion under a ‘sundown’ sky. Then from 2:08pm onwards this perfect alignment of the sun and moon will leave very narrow loop of light to appear high in the sky. Fortunately this great occurrence is going to be shown live on a number of media plat forms including .Therefore astronomers, professionals as well as anyone interested that don’t have the opportunity to travel down to this beautiful island  will have a chance to experience this impressive event.

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A Standard Comparison of Africa’s Savannah Cats

African-Savannah-LionThere are about 36 species cats in the world however the Savannah cats are just about 3 species namely the Savannah lions, the cheetahs and the African leopards. The cheetahs, lions and leopards are commonly found in sub Saharan regions of Africa and some area some of Asia. Although they belong to the family, they are also different in many ways including the physical appearance, ways of living.

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