Tourism industry of Kenya facing main challenges

The tourism industry is one of the leading industries in Kenya whereby the country received 100 billion shillings in 2010 from it though currently is facing major challenges which are limiting its growth.

The World Bank report says the destruction of wildlife and natural resources, forced business atmosphere, poor education background, limited skilled labour in Kenya have affected the attraction of more tourists.

Mr. Johannes Zutt the Kenya country director of World Bank said the country is facing a lot of competition and wrestling from the world financial problems. He said the coastal, safaris and conference tourism have been affected by the constant decrease in the number of tourist arrivals because company budgets and households were controlled.

Mr.Zutt said Kenya has made a good safari image which it has continuously defended then moved into private conservancies and game ranches therefore showing the country’s capability in its aim for sustainability but the beach tourism is a less and worn out competitive product in the current market place therefore it could recover if a lot of effort is put in.

The tourism minister Najib Balala said the major problem faced by Kenya’s marketing bid is lack of finances because in 2010/2011, the sector was permitted 560million shillings and South Africa which is its competitor was permitted 5.6 billion shillings.

He also said the country is expecting to attract 2 million tourists in 2012 and 3 million in 2015 since Kenya is to expand to Eastern Europe, Australia, china, Far East and Russia.

Kenya‘s government has to assign itself to plan reforms that improve on the business environment, protects the resources and creates skills though according to other African countries,kenya is better because of the skilled business people ,the climate and its landscape that permits tourism activity every year.


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