How to Remain in Contact With Your People during Your Safari in Uganda, Rwanda

surfing-internet-uganda-safariAs many people are moving up and down preparing for their Christmas holiday, many of our clients usually worry about whether they will be able to communicate with their loved ones and friends they left back home. However there is no need to worry about this anymore as you take your Safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

Thanks to technology advancement you can easily contact your people through the internet using your mobile smart phone, laptop or your Ipad. Fortunately you can buy internet data for your phone, laptop or Ipad through the local mobile network phone services such as Airtel, Vodafone or Mtn among others. The Mobile internet services will actually enable you to communicate with your people miles away, perhaps on another continent at a very affordable charge and for longer hours.

Below we have highlighted the most commonly used platforms which our clients normally use to  communicate with their people back while on Safari in Uganda or in the neighboring Rwanda

  1. Skype:Skype is a much loved application that will not only offer you an opportunity to listen to the voice of you people at home but also watch them through Skype Video. Another advantage about this application us that you can also set it up on your phone back at home such that in case some call on that number, you will be able to receive the call here in Uganda or Rwanda during your holiday.
  2. Whatsapp: With good internet connectivity, this is another commonly used and interesting platform which will enable you exchange text messages, audio recordings, videos and photographs, as well as makes calls to your loved ones instantly
  3. Snapchat: More like the Whatsapp Application this snapchat platform will give you an opportunity to instantly exchange media and text messages with your people back home. All you will need is internet.
  4. Facebook:I guess nearly everyone has heard of or even maybe used facebook to uploaded pictures, exchanged messages and even commented on other people’s posts through facebok. This is another platform that is user friendly given that you have internet connection.
  5. Twitter: stay connected with you loved ones through a quick twit to update your friends and loved ones about your current status. You will also be able to upload pictures with a good internet connection.
  6. Viber: This is another common platform that requires internet which will enable you to exchange media and interact with your people.
  7. Through Emails: yes, this is another commonly used means of communication. All you will need is to have internet connectivity and you will be good to go. Emails will also give you a platform to forward and share pictures taken during your safari with your loved ones updating them how your safari holiday is progressing.
  8. Different Blogs: There are a number of different travel, social and personal blogs online on which you can also reach out to your dear people back at home. The secret will be to have good internet services then you can even share photographs as your holiday is going on.

The Good News

Fortunately majority of the safari lodges and hotels offer freesocial-media-safari-uganda wifi to their clients so you’re your back at your accommodation after the day’s activities, you can freshen up and spend some good time chatting, calling and sharing different media with your friends, family and loved ones back home.

Other accommodation facilities offer cable internet connections so you can always connect your different devices on the Local Area Network (LAN) and you will be fully connected.

Always Remember

  1. To pack extra batteries for your electrical gadgets
  2. Chargers for all your electrical devices (phones, laptops, ipads, tabs and cameras)
  3. Don’t forget data-transfer cables especially for cases where you will need to transfer media from one device to another
  4. At all times be vigilant and protective of your gadgets including phones as security begins with you.
  5. Were possible get a waterproof bag to carry in these gadgets so that incase it rains while you still out there enjoying your adventure, they are not damaged by the rain.

Reach out to your friend, family and loves during your Uganda – Rwanda Safari this festive Season through: Skype, Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, email, and Blog commenting

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