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What to Do in Gulu town on your Uganda safari

Because of the former unrest that existed in Gulu a couple of years back, a mere mention of this word ‘Gulu’ brings to mind fear and bloodshed to people. For more than twenty years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels terrorized this part of the country located in northern Uganda approximately four hours’ drive from the capital Kampala. However today this beautiful town has become one of the ‘must-visit’ places especially for holidaymakers on a trip in Uganda visiting Kidepo National Park or Murchison Falls National Park

The People of Gulu Town

Today peace has been restored and infrastructure refurbished to this part of the country and currently this town is not only the administrative headquarter but also the commercial headquarter for northern Uganda. Fortunately the locals living in his town have fast picked-up and today have transformed Gulu into a vibrant busy town. The highest number of people living here are Acholis while the commonly spoken languages include: Acholi, Luo, Luganda, Swahili as well as English

What to Do in Gulu?

Gulu tours

Visit the Ajai Game Reserve

Initially established as a safe refuge for White Rhinos within northern Uganda, this reserve was being managed by Chief Ajai (after whom it was named). The reserve is located on the shores of the Albert Nile- just one to two hours’ drive from the town center. Some of the animals to see here include: the Uganda Kobs, leopards, warthogs as well as zebras, if lucky you may see a crocodile as well as python snakes. Sadly, the rhinos became completely extinct in this area, however in addition to the above stated animals; there are a couple of birds you can see including Karamoja apalis, various weaver birds and the breasted barbet

Visit St Joseph’s Cathedral

This is perhaps among the oldest but well-maintained landmarks within Gulu, and it’s worth a stopover during your tour. It was constructed by the Comboni Brothers back in 1914. This cathedral belonging to the catholic faith was in 1947 consecrated and since that time has been standing strong. Interesting about it is the beautiful architecture and how it majestically stands out in a distance.

Visit Fort Patiko

Also commonly referred to as Baker’s Fort, this place was established by Sir Samuel Baker back in 1872 and the Queen of England commissioned it as a military base back in the colonial administrative era. Because of its strategic location along the trade route to Egypt through Nimule  (present day South Sudan), before that, this fort served as a resting place as well as an area for sorting slaves by the Indians and the Arabs.

A visit to this place will give you an opportunity to learn about the saddening slave trade that was conducted in this area as well as give you an insight of what happened during the colonial era.

Visit the Craft markets

You will have a chance to visit the lively craft markets were you will see and even purchase some beautiful traditionally made crafts idea as a souvenir for your tour .  The colored clothing, wood carvings as well as the painting will certainly impress you.

Taste the Acholi Delicacies

Uganda’s is internationally known as a food-basket thanks to its rich diversity of cultures and tribes each with its own food of preference and unique method of cooking. Visiting this part of the country will give you a chance to taste the foods most loved by the people of Acholi including malakwang, odii, ngwen as well as millet bread.

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