Visit the ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth safari park Uganda

February 19th, 2017

Ishasha is in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park a distance away from the mweya peninsular and  offering an off the beaten track experience that will be interesting and worth visiting to many tourists. This is one of the most interesting tourists destinations covered with open savannah type of vegetation and the acacia as well as the fig trees and will offer you a memorable Uganda wildlife tour and safari experience.

Queen Elizabeth national parkIt is a remote place but despite the remoteness, ishasha is still one of the favorite therefore frequently visited section of Queen Elizabeth compared to any other part of this national park. This section of the park has got that undulating kind of landscape with a very clear view of both the wildlife, the vegetation across a vast area of this park.  There are a number of tourists’ attractions that you find in the place and make the place worth visiting.

Watch the tree climbing lions

These are the major attractions in ishasha and it’s the tree climbing lions that have made this sector so popular to so many people across the globe. Read the rest of this entry »

Africa’s most sought after animals in the world found in Uganda

February 8th, 2017

Rothschild-giraffesWildlife is one of Uganda main tourists’ attractions as they attract thousands of people from all over the world. Wildlife watching comes second after primates watching on any  wildlife safari in Uganda and the success is possibly as a result of the fact that there is a huge population and variety of wildlife species. The list includes animals like the various types of antelopes, cheetahs, warthogs, even the famous big fives which are found in various national parks around the country. Expect to see at least four if not all the big fives during your Uganda wildlife safari. Such animals include;

The Lion – the King of the Jungle

This is also known as the king of beasts, they belong to the cat family and they are among the first animals that one will think of once you mention wildlife in Africa. These are amazing animals and they almost on everyone’s list of must see animals, probably because of their power, and also their skillful hunting abilities. Read the rest of this entry »

Busoga region the best destination for adventure holidays in Uganda

January 25th, 2017

Busoga region found in the eastern part of Uganda, with the source of the river Nile – the longest river in the world is a great Nile, is inhabited by the people of the Busoga Kingdom. It’s a great place to visit while on safari or tour in Uganda due to its great significance to Uganda’s Tourism Industry and overall economy. In this article we look at the significance of Busoga region and how it has benefited not only the Ugandan people but also the tourist that come to spend their holiday within this part of the country.

Source of the Nile Busoga tourism attractions

Because the source of river Nile – the longest river in the world is located within Jinja, there are a variety of water adventures holidays or trips that you can enjoy on your visit to Uganda. Besides exploring the source of the Nile, you can enjoy white water rafting, swimming, bungee jumping, canoeing, bird watching tours, nature walks, biking tours and so many others.

Busoga tourism cultural sites

The Mpumwiire Coronation site

– Its here that the Kyabazinga’s (king) Palace is located. It derived its name from the scenario that the sickly king of Bunyoro kingdom – Omukama Kabalega during on his return journey from Seychelles where he had gone to exile was the passing through the Busoga region and died (rested) at this place.

The World War Cemetery

– it’s here that the East African Infantry battalion of the British Commonwealth buried its soldiers.

The Buswiikira Site

– found in Mayuge, it’s here that the legendary icons Kintu and his wife Nambi the ‘ancestors’ of the Baganda are believed to be buried.

The Budhumbula Mausoleum

– it’s here that Sir. Wilberforce Nadiope who served as the first post-independence Vice President of Uganda as well as twice as king (Kyabazinga) of Busoga was buried.

Nsono -Namakoko

Fort – found in Bugiri is said to be the very first British City in this country.

Other sites include: Nnhenda Hill found in Iganga and Imaali Coronation site found in Kaliro District at Madibira

Dolwe Island a Treasure in Busoga – Uganda

Dolwe Island which is the largest of the numerous rocky Islands found on the eastern side on Lake Victoria in Uganda covers an area of approximately 12 kilometers, and it has two major settlements: the Golofa and the Singla. This island has very beautiful rock formations that were naturally piled like storied building and it’s from this that the name Golofa was derived. The people, who have had an opportunity to visit this island on during their holiday in Uganda , will testify to the beautiful scenery and the serenity that lingers around this hidden beauty in Eastern Uganda.

Promoting Busoga Tourism Attraction

From 17th to 19th February the Uganda tourism board is going to host the yearly pearl of Africa travel expo in the capital Kampala and the different attractions on the upper Nile-valley and within the Busoga Kingdom are going to be showcased to almost 100 hosted-buyers plus representatives of international travel media-agencies as well as professionals within the travel trade industry from the East African region.

Busoga once the food basket of Uganda

Busoga one of the cultural areas found in the eastern part of Uganda is among the best places to enjoy and experience a true cultural experience while on a Uganda cultural tour.

This area which is inhabited by the Lusoga speaking people belonging to the Bantu ethnic group was once the food basket of Uganda. Because the country is currently experiencing a massive drought and a wave of food scarcity, to some people the memory of Busoga land being one of the leading sources of food for this country might be vivid

Coffee: The people of Busoga grew a lot of coffee (which is the leading cash crop of Uganda), and his was one of predominantly grown crops across the various districts that make up this region. In fact majority of the families earned a living from coffee growing and it sustained the domestic economy of the locals. Unfortunately the farms were attacked by Coffee wilt which diminished nearly all of them.

Sugar: Despite the fact that this area lost the great glory of being among the leading coffee growing areas in Uganda, today it’s the number one producer of sugar-cane a raw material in the sugar making process, and therefore us holds the largest sugar manufacturing industries. Currently nearly each of the districts within Busoga region has a sugar factory and among these are: Kakira Sugar Works found in Jinja District, Kamuli Sugar found in Kamuli District, Mayuge Sugar found in Mayuge District as well as Kaliro Sugar found in Kaliro District among several others.

Rice: Busoga region is in addition the largest rice producer and has the largest rice plantation across Uganda known as Kibimba Rice Scheme found within Bugiri District. Take a tour or Uganda’s Busoga region to learn about how the coffee you drink back home is processed how rice is grown and how sugarcane’s are turned into sugar.

For more information about Busoga region and sites to visit in eastern Uganda fill in the contact form

What to visit and see in Gulu-Gulu tours

January 23rd, 2017

What to Do in Gulu town on your Uganda safari

Because of the former unrest that existed in Gulu a couple of years back, a mere mention of this word ‘Gulu’ brings to mind fear and bloodshed to people. For more than twenty years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels terrorized this part of the country located in northern Uganda approximately four hours’ drive from the capital Kampala. However today this beautiful town has become one of the ‘must-visit’ places especially for holidaymakers on a trip in Uganda visiting Kidepo National Park or Murchison Falls National Park

The People of Gulu Town

Today peace has been restored and infrastructure refurbished to this part of the country and currently this town is not only the administrative headquarter but also the commercial headquarter for northern Uganda. Fortunately the locals living in his town have fast picked-up and today have transformed Gulu into a vibrant busy town. The highest number of people living here are Acholis while the commonly spoken languages include: Acholi, Luo, Luganda, Swahili as well as English

What to Do in Gulu?

Gulu tours

Visit the Ajai Game Reserve

Initially established as a safe refuge for White Rhinos within northern Uganda, this reserve was being managed by Chief Ajai (after whom it was named). The reserve is located on the shores of the Albert Nile- just one to two hours’ drive from the town center. Some of the animals to see here include: the Uganda Kobs, leopards, warthogs as well as zebras, if lucky you may see a crocodile as well as python snakes. Sadly, the rhinos became completely extinct in this area, however in addition to the above stated animals; there are a couple of birds you can see including Karamoja apalis, various weaver birds and the breasted barbet

Visit St Joseph’s Cathedral

This is perhaps among the oldest but well-maintained landmarks within Gulu, and it’s worth a stopover during your tour. It was constructed by the Comboni Brothers back in 1914. This cathedral belonging to the catholic faith was in 1947 consecrated and since that time has been standing strong. Interesting about it is the beautiful architecture and how it majestically stands out in a distance.

Visit Fort Patiko

Also commonly referred to as Baker’s Fort, this place was established by Sir Samuel Baker back in 1872 and the Queen of England commissioned it as a military base back in the colonial administrative era. Because of its strategic location along the trade route to Egypt through Nimule  (present day South Sudan), before that, this fort served as a resting place as well as an area for sorting slaves by the Indians and the Arabs.

A visit to this place will give you an opportunity to learn about the saddening slave trade that was conducted in this area as well as give you an insight of what happened during the colonial era.

Visit the Craft markets

You will have a chance to visit the lively craft markets were you will see and even purchase some beautiful traditionally made crafts idea as a souvenir for your tour .  The colored clothing, wood carvings as well as the painting will certainly impress you.

Taste the Acholi Delicacies

Uganda’s is internationally known as a food-basket thanks to its rich diversity of cultures and tribes each with its own food of preference and unique method of cooking. Visiting this part of the country will give you a chance to taste the foods most loved by the people of Acholi including malakwang, odii, ngwen as well as millet bread.

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Conservationists Mourn the Death Ndahura-An Alpha Male Gorilla

December 19th, 2016

ndahura-silverback-died-bwindiNdahura has been Bitukura gorilla family’s current silver back and this family is found in Ruhija section of Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park found in the south western part of the country. He died yesterday- 18th December 2016 during the morning hours and his death was entirely an accident as it fell from a tree branch after it broke.    Read the rest of this entry »

All is set for 2017 Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo

December 19th, 2016

pearl-of-africa-tourism-expoThe Uganda Tourism Board – UTB is to host the 2017 Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) at the Kololo Independence grounds within the capital city of Uganda – Kampala starting February 17th to February 19th 2017 in Kampala, Uganda.

The theme for the 2017 POATE is going to be ‘Tourism is Everybody’s Business’ and the primary objective of hosting this POATE is to establish a common platform for networking among the players of the industry within the region and across the globe. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Remain in Contact With Your People during Your Safari in Uganda, Rwanda

December 16th, 2016

surfing-internet-uganda-safariAs many people are moving up and down preparing for their Christmas holiday, many of our clients usually worry about whether they will be able to communicate with their loved ones and friends they left back home. However there is no need to worry about this anymore as you take your Safari in Uganda or Rwanda. Read the rest of this entry »

Uganda to Open the Boundaries of Mt Elgon National Park

December 16th, 2016

mount-elgon-sub-regionThe government of Uganda has completed its plans to re-open the boundaries of Mountain Elgon National Park so as to update ownership in an bid focused to end the unending conflicts which have been between the local neighboring communities and he Uganda Wildlife Authority. Read the rest of this entry »

Shelley’s Crimsonwing one of the worlds’s little known about birds here in Uganda

December 15th, 2016

shelleys-crimsonwingShelley’s Crimsonwing – scientifically known as (Cryptospiza shelleyi) is a beautiful small brightly colored and hard to pin down bird. Very few people have actually got the opportunity to see this bird especially within the Albertine Rift Valley’s montane forests where it is prevalent. This very rare species which is grouped by the IUCN as Vulnerable and listed on the IUCN Red-List of Threatened Species is present in Uganda and listed among the country’s top ten most sought after bird during Uganda Birding Safaris. Read the rest of this entry »

Visit Pineapple Bay on Bulago Island – Uganda’s Beautiful Hidden Jewel

December 15th, 2016

pineapple-bay-bulago-islandThe pineapple bay is located on Bulago Island within Lake Victoria and it can be accessed by both air transport which takes about 10 minutes and by boat, in which case it takes 40 minutes. It is located only a mile away in the south of the Equator and it some kind of paradise that is worth visiting whenever you visit the country on your Safari in Uganda. The pineapple Bay Resort is among those really amazing places in Uganda on Ssese Islands. Ssese Islands make one of the best islands there is in the world, pineapple bay resort is a must place on Bulago Island and you can visit any time of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

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